Zachary Davis
Zachary Davis
Creative Director & Strategist

 Play Loud Poster Series

Folded_poster_ManifestoChiellini_Tabloid (1).jpg

A series of 21 brand posters for Puma soccer that brought Puma’s rich German design heritage into a contemporary campaign launch. These posters represented a small but favorite aspect of the Play Loud campaign. Each poster explored a different angle to my campaign manifesto. Art Directed by Sarah Simmons with design from Ryan Miller and Grace Potts.


The Never Blends 

lineup copy.jpg

The Never blends represented a benchmark of creative and flavor exploration. A challenge to the idea that blends are created for the grocery store shelf. We needed a packaging system that evolved our colors and created a set of unique personalities. In the spirit of Never, each bag comes with a prize inside. Like cereal when we were kids. Illustrations from Sarah Simmons and design from Grace Potts.

nvr_bee_final1 (1).png
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Cana’s Feast Wine Re-Brand


The re-branding for Cana’s Feast was as much about adjusting the overall brand voice as it was about creating a new label system. The challenge was updating a complicated and fragmented brand story. The answer was something iconic that could connect brand history, winemaker, investors and customers. The table. A label with hidden artifacts and an unfolding story. Art Direction from Jihad Qutub. Design from Grace Potts.

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 Audix Brand Re-Position

AUDIX_Presentation_022614 (1).jpg

A truly iconic brand that saw itself as a lifestyle brand but only to legendary rock stars. We pulled the brand apart to separate it from the casual audio competitors. We put it back together with a simple aesthetic and a simple campaign CTA that more clearly spoke to the creator generation. Reach for it. Art Direction from Jihad Qutub. Photography from Brenton Salo.

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Launching @pumasportstyle IG account 


At a time when Instagram posts still lived in-between the lines, I created a launch strategy and year-long, curated feed to rapidly place @pumasportsstyle as the thought leader of athleisure. We launched with the announcement that Rihanna was joining Puma. After 12 months, it was one of the most innovative and beautiful feeds on IG.


 Only an astronaut can poster series

download (2).png

A series of astronaut recruitment posters I created as props for a scene in a longer narrative film. Created to be subliminally sexual. Illustrations from Ivan Vidovic. Design from Grace Potts.